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discretion assumed,[Pg 102] we do not stan▓d on ceremony.Here you have the▓ sources of public opinion—again the signif

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Double room 150$

▓icant smile—you will perhaps understand wh▓y no minister fares well. ▓Hence also Plehve (A motion of despairin?/p> hing ●our

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坓 defence.) He No! speaking seriously.It i●s the curse of our country.May the Lord sav▓e us! XI THE PEOPLE'S PALACE OF



ST▓.PETERSBURG (NARODNI DOM) I●n Potemkin's fatherland the art of ▓government consists principally in▓ hiding the truth not only from the people, b▓ut also from the Czar, who must be made to b●elieve that he really strives for the welf▓are of the people, and not only for that o●f



the all-powerful bureaucracy.Potemkin●'s art, as is well known, co


nsisted in deceitful▓ly showing to his beloved Empress, in a long

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